Should I get Nokia’s N900?

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Generic
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Well here is my first blog. Reader beware, I can be wordy at times….

Should I get a N900? Probably not. I want one, but I don’t think I will be getting one based upon the experiences and frustrations I’ve had with my N97. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love my N97. In fact the only phone I have really enjoyed more was my E71 (well that and the N-Gage QD). The main item on my E71 wish list would be that it be touch-enabled.

The N97 was rushed to market by Nokia after many delays. We all know that. It was Nokia’s second attempt at a touch screen and we know that too. We have experienced issues with the firmware, the slow GPS link, the lack of apps available though Ovi Store and third parties, and the dreaded scratches on the lens of the camera and flash blur. All things we have read about before and yet I am having new problems with my device since the latest firmware release.

Since the latest firmware update to 21.2.045 I find my phone restarting itself constantly or freezing up when I charge it from an AC adapter overnight. Calls don’t drop anymore, but I usually need to call 2 times since the first call won’t go through (could be the dreaded AT&T network). I have gotten rid of all third-party themes (sorry tehkSEVEN I did love the HTC Hero theme) because the phone is so unresponsive and I’ve had to do a hard reset 2 times since the firmware release. In short the latest firmware update hasn’t done anything to improve my frustrations with the phone.

These experiences are why I won’t get a N900.  I liken my purchase of the N97 to that of buying a car in its first year of release. One only needs to make that mistake once to learn their lesson. It tests fine in the labs yet when it gets on the road and into the real world it doesn’t perform as expected. In the second or third year the bugs have been found and fixed and the car is what was originally expected. But wait, the technology is now out-dated and what took 3 years to get right is being replaced by something better, more reliable, and faster!

The final straw was the announcement of the Maemo and Intel merge into MeeGo . With that announcement the N900 became obsolete. Anyway, why give up on Symbian based devices since Symbian ^3 was officially introduced and devices may be out in Q3 of 2010?

In closing, why buy a N900?


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