The 5 reasons I love Nokia Messaging for Social Networks beta

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Applications
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There are many tools out there for the emerging social media network and many allow for access to your facebook, twitter and IM accounts. Yet from my experience the either lack graphical interface features, only allow you to see your friends, have costs associated with them, or because they lack certain features other apps may have we are forced to use multiple applications. Wouldn’t it be great to have one app that did it all and for multiple networks?

In September of 2009 Nokia Beta Labs released their Nokia Messaging for Social Networks beta through Nokia Beta Labs. While the application is still in the beta phase it is showing some definite promise. Here are a few reasons why I think this may be one of the best apps to date for Symbian devices:

First and foremost, the ability to install on your mass storage drive:

Need I say more about this benefit, especially on the N97?

2. Access to multiple Social Network from one app

An added benefit is being connected to multiple networks at the same time through Nokia Messaging for Social Networks!

3. A functionality and look similar to the social network’s web-based pages with thumbnails images

We have these high-speed devices that can display multiple colors and in many devices we can switch between portrait and landscape views. Why not take full advantage?

4. Adding images using your device’s image gallery interface

Almost instantaneous access and you can load up to six images at once instead of one at a time, or through an additional app like Pixelpipe (a good app in itself).

5. Add your current location to your status updates

The speed to do this is enhanced greatly if you’ve purchased Map Booster from the Ovi Store.

Honorable Mention

While it isn’t one of my top 5 reasons, a mention should be made about the homescreen widget. It lets you scroll between facebook and twitter and allows you to do a manual refresh from the widget without opening up the app

Yes the app is still in beta and needs some work but it shows great promise. To become a part of the beta please register at Nokia Beta Labs and download Nokia Messaging for Social Networks.


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