Nokia’s E75 is stable, functional and even a little sexy. Part 1

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Nokia Phone Review
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I have been using an E75 sent to me by WOMWorldNokia for the past week and a half. As I stated in a quick article last week my first impression was changed very quickly once I figured out what was wrong with Nokia Messaging. Nothing, the error was the person trying to use Nokia Messaging. 🙂

In this article I will share what I liked about the phone. I will be following up with another article with items to think about if you are considering an E75. Before I get into the list of what I liked I do want to say that using this phone reminded me of two things. First, since switching from an E71 to the N97 I forgot how rock-solid and stable Symbian S60 3rd is. I never had to reboot the phone because too much usage made it unstable. When I pushed a button to change menus or select an app I was sent to where I wanted to go and never saw a “memory full” error. Second, I really like touchscreen devices and no matter how much I tried I could not get the screen to respond to my touch selections (yes that will be in the next article). I really like touchscreen devices.

What I like (select images for larger views):

1. Symbian S60 3rd – Stable, stable, stable.

2. The overall size and weight – Fits into a pocket nicely without feeling like you’re carrying a brick, and isn’t as big as it looks in images you see on your screen. To show that I decided to take pictures of the E75 with a N97, but also with everyday items we all know and use.

3. Great screen resolution and the ability to handle many colors – Enough said.

4. A sliding keyboard with big numbers – That was one my very few areas of improvement I saw with the E71. The buttons we so small and so hard to see. As some of us have eyes maturing faster than the rest of us, the ability to see the keys is imperative.

5. A pretty solid feeling. Not too much plastic though the back cover is a very thin metal and the hooks holding the cover into place could bend or break with miss-use.

6. Fast 3G network speeds for MMS, SMS and web – No the cliché “it’s the network” doesn’t fit here as this phone sends messages and interacts with the internet on AT&T’s network (not compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G due to differing frequencies) better than my N97. Could it be that rock-solid S60 3rd again?

7. Stylish – I was hoping for a black one to test as the images of the red version are not my favorite and I was pleasantly surprised when I received a copper-colored phone. To see if I received comments I would leave the phone on tables during meetings or when dining. I did receive many compliments but noticed that they came from women and not men (men react to my N97 or N900 and women do not).

8. Responsive accelerometer – The screens would switch from portrait to landscape extremely quickly using the generic themes provided by Nokia, though 3rd party themes were a little slower. In either case the speed was much faster than my N97, generic or 3rd party. This applies to all apps, including Ovi Maps.

9. Nokia Messaging – I am not a fan of this tool on my N97 BUT it is fantastic on the E75. S60 5th, for all of its “problems”, really does have some quick and easy tools for handling email and advantages related to touch and larger screens over S60 3rd devices. However, I cannot imagine having an E75, or any S60 3rd device, without Nokia Messaging. It’s easy to move between multiple mailboxes, has consistent and stable automatic updates, the ability to view html in emails, and so much more. In short, I wish Nokia Messaging was around when I used my E71.

10. Ovi Store – While many may have complaints about this service in general I must say it is perfect for devices like the E75. I remember the days of the Download! feature and how clunky it was to use. Using the Ovi Store on the E75 was simple and the navigation made sense. Kudos to Nokia for making the service available for a variety of devices!

Entering into this trial I had an expectation that the E75 would be an E71 on steroids with the sliding keyboard being the ending result. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the E75 is its own phone and truly does have features that make it stand-out from the E71. Does this mean I am saying buy one? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I answer that question in Part 2 of my review where I address areas for consideration and my final conclusion.

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  2. […] recent post by Lloyd at Lloyd’s Blog gave us the idea, after he discussed the merits of the ‘a little bit sexy’ […]

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  5. Jacek says:

    What theme is it? This one looks really cool!

  6. […] recent post by Lloyd at Lloyd’s Blog gave us the idea, after he discussed the merits of the ‘a little bit sexy’ […]

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