Nokia’s sexiest phones?

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Nokia Phone Review
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In my review of Nokia’s E75 for WOMWorldNokia I used a word that many don’t associate with items like cell phones. I referred to the E75 as a little bit sexy. Why? The copper coloring, the physical design and the comments I received from friends, family and even strangers. WOMWorld and Symbian-Guru have polls going to show the sexiest phones of all time so here are my votes:

#3 goes to the 2651. It was an early flip-phone for Nokia released in 2004 and while it wasn’t too well known (at least not in the US) it is stylish and maybe a tad ahead of it’s time.

#2 goes to the black key version of the E71. I had an E61i and while i loved the functionality I wasn’t too excited with its looks. When the E71 was released it was love at first sight! Even the back was sexy.

#1 goes to any variation of the 8800. I still have my 8801 and it is by far the sexiest phone to date by Nokia. The first time I saw the phone was in the movie The Transporter. The hero had a glove box full of them and I knew I had to have one. To this day I have not had a phone that has gotten more attention than that 8801.

  1. Farhan says:

    For me the sexiest phone of all times is the Nokia 8910i , it’s 8 year old and predecessor of all Sirocco Editions
    did a review of it at

  2. For me the 8800 is the sexiest and more elegant Nokia device ever. The materials, the lines, the colors.., everything is perfect. Nokia used to do elegant devices….

  3. Zoey'sBFF says:

    I agree, the Nokia E71 is one of the sexiest phones ever! I’ve only ever had nokias and this is by far the most gorgeous. Except I prefer white.

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