Nokia’s E75 is stable, functional and even a little sexy. Conclusion

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Nokia Phone Review
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In part 1 of my review of the E75 I listed 10 items I liked the most about the phone. As a quick reminder they were: 1. Stability of S60 3rd, 2. The size and weight, 3. Screen resolution, 4. The sliding keyboard, 5. Well manufactured, 6. 3G speed on AT&T’s network, 7. Sexy, 8. Responsive accelerometer, 9. Nokia Messaging, and 10. Ovi Store seems designed for non-touch devices.

As promised in Part 1 this article will identify the areas I thought one should consider before making a decision to buy. I’ll list those in reverse order with the number one consideration listed last.

7. Navi Key was stiff to use – I found it to be stiff and I thought it would be at least equal to that of the E71. Testing them both I found the E71 much easier to use and at times I had to use 2 thumbs to scroll through the E75 menus. This could have been the phone I was testing but if not their new technology introduced with the E72 could help the E75.

6. Image quality – I like taking photos with my cell phone (as you can see from my Photos page) as I never know when I’ll run into a photo opp. I was pleased with myE71′ s 3.2mp camera & I expected the same quality with the E75. I was disappointed to discover that I didn’t get the same quality.

5. Ovi Maps Compass – I could not get it to work the entire time I had the phone. I tried all the tricks from the N97 to get it to engage and it wouldn’t.

4. No Facebook widget – I went nuts not being able to use a widget to update my status and view my page. Trying to use the browser just didn’t work as it takes everything from Facebook’s web based pages and crams it all into the small 2.4 inch screen.

3. Slow GPS connection – This would’ve been tied for 2nd had there not been a way to overcome this. I tested this 5 times in-doors and out-doors and compared the connection time to that of the N900, N97 and E71 (none of the devices was using Maps Booster). In each test the GPS connection was the slowest on the E75 (longest time was 2 minutes, 17 seconds). I was very shocked that the N97 beat the E75 once, much less five times. With that said, once I installed Skyhook Wireless’ Maps Booster the E75 connected to the GPS in 2 – 3 seconds which equals the time for the N97 & E71 with Maps Booster. I highly recommend this product to anyone that uses Ovi Maps on a regular basis and it can be found in the Ovi Store here

2. Ovi Maps is not free yet on the E75 – I don’t use Ovi Maps as I have a GPS system in my car, but if I did this would be a deal breaker. Most other Nokia devices now have Ovi Maps for free and as a consumer part of what I seek in a device is the elimination of or need for other devices. As this device does not come with free Ovi Maps any side-by-side comparison with other devices will put the E75 at a disadvantage.

The number one item to consider is the lack of touch screen functions. I love touch screen devices, yes even the N97, and I don’t see myself going back to a phone that does not have this ability.

So the question now is, “Lloyd, would you buy this phone?” For me the items to consider are overshadowed by the reasons I like this phone and if Nokia had no touch devices then this is the phone I would buy. It does everything my E71 could and more while making up for the E71’s shortcomings. The keyboard slides out and I could see the buttons, the resolution is fantastic, Nokia Messaging won me over, there are many apps available and all in one place, and above all the phone never failed me. I did not have to restart the phone once because it slowed down from too much use and impact to the RAM.

All-in-all the E75 is a good buy, especially if you’re buying for teenagers. All Nokia needs to do to make the E75 perfect is include Ovi Maps for free with Maps Booster, a Facebook widget and a better camera.


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