Another fix for Nokia’s Map Loader on the N900

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Applications
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In my posting of March 15th I identified a process to fix the Map Loader for the N900. Well believe it or not I broke my fix and spent three frustrating days trying to repair it. It was my fault, not the device’s and fixing it was easier than I was making it. To understand how I fixed it one must also understand how I broke it.

Around April 20th I was having issues with Mail for Exchange on the N900 (the beginning of the steps I took to break Map Loader). When the device was syncing with the server I was getting a message stating that there was an error syncing with the server yet I saw that everything was syncing fine (contacts, tasks, notes & calendar). I deleted and re-created my MfE profile and was still getting the error message after a successful sync. Since I was having some other challenges with applications like PC Suite I decided to reinstall the firmware.

After the reinstall I reloaded all of my apps and repositories for Application Manager, re-created my MfE profile and tested Map Loader. All worked perfectly, including Loader. Then I decided it was time to save space on my drive and I started removing as many folders of stuff I thought I didn’t need…

Remember on Symbian devices how, as a quicker method to remove unused maps, you could delete the “cities” folder for Ovi Maps and restart Maps to reload it? DON’T DO THIS ON THE N900! You guessed it….I deleted the cities folder and Map Loader stopped working. Yes I fixed it, but first, to save you time, here’s what I tried that didn’t work.

  1. Manually creating the cities folder with diskcache & voices (useless anyway on the N900) folders – Maps didn’t save to the manually created folder no matter how many times I tried, and Map Loader didn’t recognize that I had opened Maps
  2. Rebuilding, moving and copying the qt file – I had them in the root and external memory and even tried adding one to the cities folder
  3. Copied the cities folder from a Symbian device via PC to the N900 – I tried it with the E71, 5800 XM, & N97 and no version worked
  4. I found a folder called .maps in the N900 root and have no idea what it is for. It looked almost like the cities folder format so I made a copy in external memory. I renamed .maps to cities,  created a sub-folder called diskcache and moved all of the numbered sub-folders into diskcache – No negative side-effects, it just didn’t work

So, how did I fix it? The answer was right there all along and was completed in three easy steps:

  1. Reinstall the firmware (assuming you have 3.2010.02-8.002)
  2. Open Ovi Maps before anything else
  3. Answer the questions related to licensing and terms

Once these are done only four more steps:

  1. Close Ovi Maps
  2. Use file manager to confirm the cities folder has been created (worked perfectly for me)
  3. If you renamed the .qt file to qt as stated in my earlier posting then nothing to change as the firmware update does not affect the file (see the original posting here if you have the .qt file)
  4. Connect to Map Loader in PC Suite mode and you’re off and running!

The second biggest lesson here (first being don’t remove the cities folder) is that what Ovi Maps is looking for somewhere on the device is the licensing and term agreement records. When I went through the first 4 steps to try and fix the device after deleting the cities folder I wasn’t asked to accept terms when starting Maps. I was asked after I did the initial firmware reinstall  so removing the cities folder also removed the licensing record. There are 5 files in the diskcache folder (,, CachedatHeader.cdt, config.cfg and srand) along with the numbered cache folders so my guess is one of the files has the license information.

Anyone feel like trying this fix on a device where my previous posting hasn’t helped?

May 26th update…

PR 1.2 was released today for the N900. If you’ve installed it and tried to use Map Loader it is once again not working. No fear. My fix for the post PR 1.2 upgrade is posted here

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