Nokia’s E73 Mode for T-Mobile – Is this really a locked device?

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Nokia Phone Review
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After 10 minutes with the device  my second impression was one of shock that what I had in my hand was a locked device from T-Mobile. My first was that I really didn’t think Nokia could improve upon the perfection of the E71, especially after what I read about the E72.  I fell in love with the device (do I really have to send it back???) in those first few moments because of the 2 first impressions, yet there are so many more reasons why this device is a good buy, or worth the 2 year contract with T-Mobile.

What I liked about the E73:

  1. The E73 Mode is marketed as a device that can switch easily between your personal and work lives. It does that very easily, after you figure out how to set each one up. I personally don’t need to switch between the two as the flexibility allowed for customization allows you to “hide” what may be personal and inappropriate for the workplace. However, for those that want to choose their modes, I suggest Nokia add a password feature to switch between work and personal modes.
  2. Mail for Exchange is really the best email and calendar app I know of and it’s still as great as ever on the E73. No third party servers like RIM, just direct access to your company’s Exchange Server. I also have a Samsung Galaxy/Vibrant from T-Mobile and the email client on it is terrible! Nothing compares to MfE in my book.
  3. I really, really liked the Optical Navi Key a lot. I remember those calluses building up from my heavy E71 usage and my thumb thanks Nokia for this addition.
  4. Ovi Maps was “nice” on the E71, but GPS signal access speed left a lot to be desired unless you had Maps Booster. With the E73 Ovi Maps loads quickly and the GPS signal access speed was incredibly fast and there is no need for a third party app to increase GPS signal speed and strength. If you wish, Maps Booster for the E73 is available for $2.99 in the Ovi Store here.
  5. The change from a 2mp camera in the E71 to the 5mp for the E73.  I take lots of photos with my phones, as you can see on my Photos page, and a good camera is important to me.

Those five items are great, but the things that really made me fall in love with the E73 are:

  1. This is a locked phone? Really? Impossible I say. The flexibility to change things on this phone without Big Brother T-Mobile is fantastic!!! The last locked device I had was fine if I wanted only T-Mobile approved apps and services, thus I became an avid eBay hunter of unlocked devices from Europe. No need to now with this device.
  2. I can go to Ovi Store and load apps until the phone runs out of storage space and T-Mobile doesn’t interfere! I can even pay for an app from Ovi Store through my T-Mobile plan.
  3. Free Ovi Maps for life. I’m about to get a new car and with the availability of phones with free Ovi Maps I’ll be saving $2000 – $2500 in features for the car as i won’t need a navigation system. Thank you Nokia!
  4. Symbian S60 3rd. It is still a rock solid OS and it is as strong on the E73 as it was on the E71 and my old E61i. With some nice UI changes like highlighted icons  “jumping”, the OS feels as if it’s up-to-date with today’s market place.
  5. Social media and networking works great and Twitter, Facebook and MySpace come pre-loaded. Searching the net is easier too with Google search also included.

It’s always nice to read such rosy reviews, but if one needs to consider everything before making a purchase, or signing a 2 year contract, then there are those “areas for improvement” to consider:

  1. The world is becoming a touch interface world, both for personal and work modes. RIM, LG, Samsung and others have touch-and-type devices. Nokia has the X3 Touch and Type device so why not improve upon the great features of the E73 by making it T and T?
  2. The screen size is a tad small for today’s apps and features. Watching a YouTube video on this device is okay if you’re a teen and still have the eyes of a hawk. For those of us that have “maturing eyes” it’s hard enough to see text on the screen much less videos or games.

That’s it, only two things I didn’t like. But for me those two items are deal breakers. I love touch devices and the larger screens one finds with the Nokia N8 and upcoming E7, as well as many devices from Samsung, RIM, HTC and Motorola. If Nokia wants the E73 to evolve as a business and play device, then like the others Nokia will need to add touch and increase the size of the screen.

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