Review: Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Headset

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Accessories, Generic
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Taken with Nokia N8

Since getting my N8 a few weeks ago I’ve been using Skull Candy wired headphones. Being “wired” they have a tendency of getting in the way when I’m at the gym or on my mountain bike. They get tangled in the straps of my Camelback or pulled out of my ears at the gym because of the cord. I ordered Nokia’s BH-505 Bluetooth Headset hoping going cordless would alleviate these minor agitations.

I really have been slow to accept Bluetooth as I really haven’t found a headset for using with my phone that can hold a clear signal, including Jawbone. And as we all know, having Bluetooth on constantly runs the battery down. Yet I  decided to take a gamble by ordering the 505’s and I am happy to say it paid off. These things are fantastic and here are the top 5 reasons why I love this headset:

  1. Sound quality – The sound quality is as good as Skull Candy headphones. The bass is good and strong without being overbearing and with a good solid fit from the multiple choices of rubber ear plugs background noise is easily be filtered out. I also have noticed that there is no static in the connection. The 505’s are also a hands-free device for speaking on your phone and using voice commands, but as I will never answer the phone when I’m riding or working out I can’t speak to the voice quality.
  2. Stylish design – For something that is primarily functional the design is quite appealing. I don’t feel self-conscious wearing them at the gym thinking everyone is staring at a Storm Trooper wanna-be.
  3. Compatibility – I’ve been able to connect the 505’s to my N8 and Samsung Vibrant and there is no difference in sound quality. The added bonus was being able to connect to my iPad to listen to music and watch videos.
  4. Durability – My fear when I ordered them was I would open the box only to find some wobbly and cheap plastic device that would break easily. I am pleasantly surprised by how durable they are and any concerns I had about taking them to the gym and having to be overly careful with them are gone. I’m sure they won’t survive a serious mountain biking crash but they’ll do well on your every day ride on the trails.
  5. Value – At $79.95 at you definitely get a lot for your money. Easy to use, durable, and quality sound makes these a must buy for anyone wanting to break a sweat while listening to their music, or just lounging and enjoying a movie on your tablet or mobile phone.

Taken with Nokia N8

Taken with Nokia N8

  1. […] headsets can be found here. There are a few good reviews of the BH-505 on the Internet (e.g. Lloyd and MyNokiaBlog). However, “Googling” the BH-505 revealed issues around […]

  2. Pedro says:

    I read your review on Sunday and inmediately bought them. Despite the advice against using them while sweating. I go to the gym 4 times a week. Only run 2. Perhaps I’ll cover them with thin plastic.
    I LOOOOVE my BH 505!! They work PERFECTLY with my iPad 2, (Music, movies and skype) which was my main concern.
    My question: Have you been able to pair them simultaneously to your iPad and N8?
    I would love to answer any incoming call on my phone while I’m watching a movie on the bus on my iPad.

    • Lloyd says:

      Glad you like them. I’ve never had any sweat related issues at the gym. No I haven’t been able to get them to sync to multiple devices simultaneously. I’m not sure if it is a bluetooth or device issue as I haven’t had success with other devices either. However, since all my iPad music is also on my N8 I listen to music on it when I’m want to take calls too.

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