I have had many Nokia phones and keep upgrading since I had my first 3620. I have evolved in my phone choices as Nokia’s product line has evolved and  have owned the 3220,6820, 6260, 7610, N-Gage QD (I loved this phone), 8801, E62i, E71, 5800 XM (not a favorite of mine), N97 (lesson learned) and now my N900. As one of the few that I know that has a Nokia I want to contribute whatever I can so I can no longer say, “As one of the few that owns a Nokia”.

  1. Panayotis says:


    I am looking to update Maps on my N900 PR1.2

    My only pb actually is i don’t have/can’t find NOKIA MAL PLOADER

    Where did you get it?

    I have been looking for a while!

    Many thanks for your help

  2. Lloyd says:

    Not sure what country you are in but in the United States the Map Loader can be found at the URL below. If it is not the latest version it will notify you that you can update it once you open it. It’s a long URL so if you can’t link to it then try to copy and paste it. You’ll need to select your language under the portion that says, “Download Map Loader”


  3. Marius says:

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