The Macro World

As seen through the Lens of the Nokia N8

The images below have been taken with the Nokia N8. All have been taken with a macro lens available from and can be found here. Select any image to view the original size.

Time Stands Still

A Colorful Life

  1. Marius says:

    Great shots Lloyd ! I like them a lot … I bought only two type of metal case lenses from photojojo. Did they have more than two type ?

  2. Andrew Ezekiel says:


  3. […] has been exploring the 12MP camera of his N8, adding an extra lens, and getting up close to his […]

  4. El Marko says:

    I’d like a picture of the N8 itself, at the point of attachment of the Photojojo lens. There is, I think, a magnetic attachment point that encircles the stock lens of the N8, is there not? How does that change the appearance of the phone?

    • Lloyd says:

      I’ll load one tomorrow. The external appearance though is not altered drastically. In fact if a person is not familiar with the N8 then they wouldn’t even be able to see a change.

      A round ring is added to the external portion of the phone around the lens via preinstalled double-sided tape. It looks no different than the round lenses found on iPhones, Droid phones, or most other phones on the market.

  5. That’s insane! Just bought one too..

  6. Arun8gb says:

    Gr8 macros. Good use of Carl Ziess. The world needs more of AF cameras.

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